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Preventive Planned Maintenance

It's all about protecting your property and business from unnecessary damage and disruption.

Whether it’s a planned project or emergency repair work that needs immediate attention – our United Care experts are on hand to offer competitive drainage solutions for your commercial space.

Preventive Planned Maintenance
Preventive Planned Maintenance

PPM Services

Inspection and Assessment
The first step is to conduct regular inspections of the drainage system to identify any signs of wear and tear, blockages, leaks, or potential issues.


Scheduled Cleaning
Drainage systems are susceptible to the buildup of debris, and other substances that can cause blockages and impair their functionality.


Maintenance Tasks
Including repairing damaged pipes, replacing faulty components, addressing leaks or cracks, or improving the overall performance of the drainage system.


Grease Trap Cleaning
Regular cleaning and maintenance of these traps are crucial to prevent the accumulation of grease, which can cause blockages and sewage backups.


Emergency Response Planning
Having a well-defined emergency response plan in place, including 24/7 availability and a swift response to urgent situations, ensures that any unforeseen issues are promptly addressed.

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