Drain Lining

Drain lining service in London provided by United drains offer a full no dig technology service to minimise the disruption and cost to repair lines underground.

Installing liners does not involve any digging up of broken pipes to replace them. This ensures a faster and more efficient service. The flexible resin mould sets rigid and tight to the old, damaged pipe; there is minimal reduction in pipe diameter.

Having a liner installed can ensure immediate repair and restoration of flows, minimal disruption, no dig means no site restoration or additional materials required.

To begin this process, we perform a full and comprehensive CCTV report and inspection to ascertain faults in the pipe leading that could lead to problems such as leaking and root intrusion.

Following this inspection if a new drain lining is required, an above the ground, drain lining equipment is used to feed a specially formulated resin in a flexible liner through the existing damaged pipe.

Inflating the flexible liner to expand to the old pipe, the curing process then takes place.
On completion the flexible liner is removed leaving a tightly fitted rigid new pipe we will the re inspect the new line with our CCTV equipment to ensure a flawless finish.