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We recommend that you incorporate pipe descaling into your drainage maintenance routine – especially if you live in a hard water area, like London or the surrounding areas.

  • Pipe descaling

  • Drain descaling

  • Sewer descaling

Drain Descaling
Drain Descaling

Removing Rust and Minerals

Drain scaling can happen in areas where there is ‘hard water’ areas. This is normally in the South East part of England. Drainage systems can suffer from numerous problems such as reduced flow, or scale build up which then could cause long term issues within the pipework. This kind of work is often carried out as part of routine maintenance on drainage systems, which have suffered from blockages caused by hard water scale.


Drain descaling is a vital service offered by United Drains to maintain the efficiency and functionality of drainage systems. Over time, drains and pipes can accumulate deposits of scale, which are a buildup of mineral deposits such as calcium, iron, or lime. This scale can form a hard layer on the interior surfaces of the pipes, leading to reduced flow capacity, blockages, and potential damage to the drainage system.



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