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Preventative Planned Maintenance

Preventing Drainage Issues

United Drains offer a Planned Maintenance package called United Care.

We dedicate our PPM to managing and preserving the functionality and efficiency of your drainage system in London.

Preventative Planned Maintenance
Preventative Planned Maintenance

United Care ( PPM )

The goal of the United Care ( PPM ) program is to minimise the risk of unexpected drainage issues, reduce the likelihood of major breakdowns within the drainage systems, and extend the lifespan of the drainage infrastructure. By conducting these regular inspections, cleaning, and repairs, the Preventative Planned Maintenance aims to prevent small problems from escalating into larger, more costly, and disruptive situations.


The key things that we will look at within the United Drains’ PPM program include:


Regular Inspections: Our trained engineers from United Drains will perform scheduled inspections of the drainage system. These inspections may be carried out monthly, or quarterly, depends on the specific needs of the drainage system and the level of usage it undergoes.


Cleaning and Clearing: During the inspections, the drainage system will be cleaned and cleared of debris, sediment, and any other potential blockages that may be building up over time. This step helps to maintain the flow of water and prevents blockages that could lead to overflows or backups.


Identifying Potential Issues: Our engineers will look for signs of wear, damage, or any other potential issues that might affect the proper functioning of the drainage system. Early detections of these problems allows for timely repairs and prevents them from worsening.


Planned Repairs and Maintenance: Based on the findings of the inspections, United Drains will create a maintenance plan that outlines the necessary repairs and upgrades. These actions may include fixing leaks, replacing damaged pipes, or upgrading parts of the system to improve performance.


Documentation and Reporting: Our engineers will keep detailed records of all inspections, cleanings, and repairs. These records will help us keep track of the history on the drainage system, identify any patterns of issues, and assess the effectiveness of the maintenance program over time.


Emergency Preparedness: While Preventative Planned Maintenance aims to reduce unexpected issues, United Drains will also be prepared to respond to any emergency drainage situations promptly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



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