Drainage Specialists in London

03 Jan. 19

Get the right Drainage Specialists in London

Choosing the right Drainage Specialists in London is easy with United Drains.

United Drains provide the best local emergency service for blocked drains in London.

We’re specialists at clearing blocked drains and we also offer an emergency drainage service covering all of London 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It’s impossible to avoid every problem, but at United Drains we feel a comprehensive and well planned preventative maintenance contract can help you to protect your property and business from unnecessary damage and disruption.

When necessary, maintenance visits are programmed for our teams to visit catering to the client’s specific needs. Our main objective is to provide our clients with total job management leaving the client to concentrate on their core business.

Whilst it won’t be possible to avoid every drain emergency, it is possible to lower the chances of an issue occurring.

Plans can take into account; drain pipe runs – underground/high-level/stacks and their connections, gullies, gutters, downpipes, tanks, pumps and control panels, interceptor pits, foul pits, urinals and grease traps.

Call United Drains – Plumbing & Drainage Specialists in London on 020 3637 6688.