17 Apr. 20

Commercial Planned Preventative Maintenance

Planned preventative maintenance, also known as PPM, is a scheduled routine to ensure all the infrastructure related to the drainage, plumbing, guttering and grease traps in your business is inspected and maintained at regular intervals. Rather than waiting for drains to become blocked, grease traps to fill or guttering to become damaged, we preempt any problems and put a fix in place at the first opportunity.

Not only is PPM more cost-effective than expensive repair bills, but it can also avoid potentially lengthy interruptions to business operations and damage to the assets of the business itself. Every business is different and has unique plumbing and drainage requirements, so we will create a unique PPM agreement to meet your specific needs. That may include:

– Urinal and toilet pipework
– Internal and external drains
– Guttering
– Maintenance and emptying of grease traps
– Descaling of pipework
– Clearing and maintaining septic tanks and sewage treatment plants
– Clearing blocked drains
– Drain repairs

Following an initial free inspection, United Drains will design and implement a monthly, quarterly, twice-yearly or annual planned preventative maintenance package that meets the specific needs of your business. Get in touch to discuss your requirements today on 020 3637 6688.