Repairing a drain pipe

25 Aug. 23

A guide to detecting damaged drains in Commercial Businesses

As a commercial business owner or manager, maintaining the functionality of your establishment’s drains is essential for smooth operations and a pleasant environment. Damaged drains can lead to a number of issues, such as foul odours, water damage, or mould and mildew growth around your drains. Recognising the signs of damaged drains early on can prevent costly repairs and business disruptions. In this blog, we’ll explore the key indicators to look out for, as well as some practical steps to assess and address any drain issues.

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Slow Drainage
One of the most obvious signs of drain damage is slow drainage in sinks, toilets, and floor drains. If water is taking longer than usual to empty, it may indicate that there’s a blockage or damage within the pipes. Slow drainage can lead to backups and water pooling, which can disrupt daily operations and create an unpleasant environment for both employees and customers.

Unpleasant Odours
Foul odours coming from drains are a clear indication that something is wrong. These odours are often caused by a buildup of debris or FOG (fat, oil and grease) in the pipes escaping through damaged drains. If you notice persistent unpleasant smells, contact United Drains and we can get this investigated as soon as possible.

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Water Stains or Mould Growth
Keep an eye out for water stains or mould growth around drains, particularly near sinks or on walls adjacent to floor drains. Water stains may indicate leaks in the plumbing system, while mould growth can be a consequence of constant moisture due to drain issues. Both of these situations require prompt attention to prevent further damage and maintain a healthy work environment.

Strange Sounds
Gurgling or bubbling sounds when using sinks or flushing toilets can be indicative of air trapped in the plumbing system due to drain damage or blockages. These sounds suggest that the water flow is restricted or encountering obstacles within the pipes, and addressing the issue early can prevent more significant problems down the line.

Pests and Rodent Infestations
Damaged drains can attract pests and rodents seeking food sources and shelter. If you notice an increase in pest activity within your commercial space, it might be linked to drain issues. Insects and rodents can further damage the drains, exacerbating the problem. A pest infestation should be taken as a strong indicator to investigate and rectify potential drain damage.

Regularly inspecting and maintaining your commercial business’ drains is crucial for the smooth functioning of your establishment and the overall well-being of everyone involved. Detecting damaged drains early can save you from costly repairs and potential disruptions to your business operations. By paying attention to slow drainage, foul odours, water stains, strange sounds, and signs of pest infestations, you can identify issues promptly and take appropriate action. Remember, when in doubt, contact United Drains on 02036376688 and we can help sort these issues out.